Title: Peppa's Busy Day
By Penguin Books

Peppa’s Busy Day: Book Review

  Peppa Pig I bought the book back when my two year old was going through a Peppa Pig phase, and there was a selection of reduced children’s books at WHSmith’s. Summary We go through Peppa’s routine with her, from 7 am when she wakes up, to 8pm when she goes to bed. Peppa takes…

Title: Parable of the Talents
Author: Octavia E. Butler

Parable of the Talents: Book Review

Recommended by my creative writing teacher (since I found myself writing more dystopia’s), This is the second book of a series, I have not read the first book, it the story picks up well.   Summary    We are taken into the lives of Olamina, the leader of a new cult called Earthseed; and Larkin,…


Book Review: Some Dogs Do by Jez Alborough

It is story time at a Sure Start Session and the book of the week is Some Dogs Do  by Jez Alborough. So I am sitting there encouraging my daughter to listen to the story (despite the room of excitedly restless toddlers), and I find myself drawn into the tale as much as the little minds the book…


The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison: Book Review

This is the second Toni Morrison novel I’ve read, and she did not fail to grab me. She turns hidden issues in society which we brush under our rugs, and turns it into something thought provoking, controversial yet it rings in your ear poetically. Right…now to the summary: Summary  Set in 1930’s Ohio, Pecola is a…

A Jazzy Collection

I did say I was going to add sewing into my blog…today is the day! I have decided to start a sewing circle (there is so much community support with writing and reading but not enough in sewing), and I have been given the opportunity to display some of my clothing at the Somewhereto Summer…