The Coldest Winter Ever By Sister Soulja

This was more than just a book about a black girl living in the ghetto, this book looks at how society is perceived when a young girl is not given the necessary roots to help out her society, and her fight to survive when things get tough.



Set in the projects, late 90’s, this is a story about Winter Santiaga, a young woman who has been born with the silver spoon and spoilt rotten as she is  the oldest daughter of Ricky Santiaga, who is the biggest drug dealer in town. Suddenly her father’s empire crashes and the whole family collapses, leaving Winter to fend for herself in the rough streets of New York.


I read a preview of this book, which didn’t convince me, I didn’t like Winter (main character) already. She was too much for me, she reminded me of that girl I would stay away from, the one who takes her anger out on the rest of the world, who speaks just because she thinks everyone should and wants to hear what she has to say. So I decided I wouldn’t like the book.

After reading the first few chapters of the book, I began to love it. Winter had left a mark on me from the beginning, Sister Soulja started the book by creating a statement for Winter, so when Winter’s first words are read you know straight away how you feel about her. This remains throughout the book, the book takes you through Winter’s emotional journey, by the end I had sympathy for Winter. She represents so many young (mainly black) girls in the Western world who are lost and never truly had any roots, with scenarios to show us how emotionally damaged someone can be.

This book is raw, straight forward and to the point, there was no beating around the bush, which I liked. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is defiantly an eye opener to the streets, and what happens when life becomes a game of survival.


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