Catch Me Before I Fall By Rosie Childs


This book is about belonging, struggles and life


We are introduced to a girl called Clare, the ‘odd one out’ in her household, she is the only mixed raced child amongst a white working class family, making her a reminder of her mother’s infidelity (with a black man).Clare does not know who her father is and longs to meet him, however there is more to worry about when her mother becomes unfit to take care of her children and they are separated, with Clare being placed in a home run by nuns. Clare’s story begins to unravel, as she grows up and requires psychiatric help into adult life.



There was a point where I was reading books about abused children, and to me this was one of the least gory. Many books in this genre go into too much detail about the abuse but I felt this book just told us the life of a girl growing up in a council estate. We go through her life with her (litrally), I felt there was parts of the book which dragged, although the book has a calm feel to it. The twist at the end is a shock, we find out she was abused. Although as the reader I predicted this, however  since it was not mentioned throughout the book, the thought was eventually pushed to the back of my head. Interestingly she also represses this element of her childhood, which comes out as she suffers a mental breakdown.

When I got to the end of the book, I thought this books was a little too long, as in there were parts placed in which were not necessary. However when reflecting back on the book I see the deeper meaning the author wanted to put across, showing how childhood can shape many aspects of life. Rosie Childs did not give us the happy ending which we all expect, however for many who have experienced a difficult up-bringing, sometimes it isn’t happy ever after.

Why the Title?

In my opinion, as the book goes o the author is constantly requiring help, although she has already fallen into a dark place, there is still hope throughout her life that someone will catch her.

Overall it is not a book I would just recommend to anyone, it’s defiantly for those interested in child abuse without the sick details, or anyone who would like to read the account of a woman whose childhood has deeply affected the rest o their life.

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