No Disrespect by Sister Souljah

No Disrespect

By Sister Souljah

Publisher: Vintage



Sister Souljah takes us through her memory lane, as she reminisces on the people who have made an impact on her life and have educated -and mis-educated- her about love. The great focus is on the African American society in 1900’s and she takes us through aspects of society encountered every day.


Sister Souljah takes us deep into her mind as she expresses her beliefs, thoughts and memories. She builds a picture of a broken society through real characters in her life, some we as the reader have probably come across too (either personally or through the ‘he said she said cycle). Each chapter is dedicated to a person whose story is carefully unravelled to reveal valuable life lessons.

Her thoughts often do aggressively come across, despite this she writes in a thought provoking manor, often using rhetorical questions to express her point which in effect has the reader questioning their own beliefs (rather than THIS is right and THAT is wrong). This books looks at real issues, from homosexuality to domestic violence, she shows us relationships, from parent to child; to man and women. Each time we are given an insight on the circle of people affected by the actions, choices and lifestyles people decide to make.

At the end of every chapter I was left with something to think about, Sister Souljah sheds a light on the black community from an angle which many do not usually express. This memoir defiantly triggered me into wanting to understand my history, and also to find the lessons in all of life’s scenarios.

Another thing I love is her curiosity, the way she sees life as a great big puzzle (it’s always nice to have someone to relate to). I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for some ‘eye openers’ on the black society (particularly 1900 America). This book defiantly tests your core believes (as do most of Sister Souljah’s material).

WARNING! Not for anyone who gets offended easily or with a closed mind. Sister Souljah is a strongly opinionated woman, opinions which are ruthlessly expressed in this book. She just says it how she knows it.

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