That Path 2


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‘Could you describe this burglar who attached you Brandy’ the lady officer smiled, Brandy found it patronising. She could not remember, she had no recall of a burglary, her neighbourhood was not even known for that, being one of the reasons Lemar had decided to move there (she also suspected that it was also since it took a 2 hour train ride, before she was anywhere near her immediate family, or a drive, only Lemar could do that, he decided not too, not even on Christmas on New Years). She could not help the officers with their requests. Later on a nurse who she became close with over the 3 days sat by her bedside, ‘I know these injuries from anywhere’ she whispered to her, ‘don’t let them get away with it. I like you, and I don’t want you ending up where you shouldn’t’. She handed her a leaflet, about abused women, places which they can go, numbers which they could call. They night all Brandy could do was cry as she tried to calculate how she ended up like this.

When Brandy was finally discharged Lemar threw her a party, of course it was just the two of them, he bought her cake, roses, he let her go through the doors first. At first he apologised, Brandy forgave him, he’s attitude was…nicer. Given her the courage to ask,

‘What happened with the burglar?’

‘I told the police we were burgled, they smashed a few stuff, the house was in a state before they attacked you. That’s what I told them. That’s what I knew’ as he said it he looked deep into her eyes, so deep each word was hypnotising, something told her if she asked further questions it could lead to the end of her life.

She felt liberated, something about where Brandy was gave her head-space, he could not hurt her anymore, was all that was going through her mind. Most people were in a panic, she had seen it on TV, prison wasn’t the ideal place she thought she would be, perhaps that is what her mother was talking about when asking her about where she would like to be in life. she was completely loosing her mind with Lemar. The 4 cell walls were more refreshing than the Lilac ones of the house she hardly moved from, day in and day out. There was a point she had forgotten what sunlight was like. What the interaction of another human being was like. It turns out she was he’s secret punch bag, he’s way of keeping some kind of control. He’s dads absence was blamed, he’s brothers death too and he’s mothers mental illness aswell. It was just statistics to Brandy, when she realised  her life wasn’t normal, there were no excuses. It took 2 years from the realisation point before she was liberated. Exactly on their 10 year anniversary.

He would not let her go to her grandmas funeral, her death was painful, but the fact brandy hadn’t seen her or her mother in years was what stung Brandy’s heart, more than learning of her grandmothers terminal cancer. One day, Something told her to go to the shops whilst Lemar was at work, funnily enough she met Marsha.

‘Where have you been?’ Marsha exclaimed, she sounded slightly more intelligent than Brandy remembered, and she was holding the hand of a what looked like a 3 year old girl who was a spitting image of her. Marsha noticed Brandy had lost weight, the corners of her mouth hanged down, as if she was given a permanent sour mouth. ‘You don’t look good at all’ Marsha’s honesty clearly didn’t change. What shocked Brandy the most was the fact she was engaging with her as if they had never departed. They walked together, Marsha’s house was not too far from her own, Marsha must have moved to this neighbourhood a little after Brandy. They spoke about Kat who was now engaged and travelling, Brandy’s mum, and Brandy’s younger sister who was in her teens the last time Brandy saw her, almost 6 years ago. Then the news about her gran leaving her weak, devastated, distraught, Marsha thought perhaps Brandy knew, she thought that was were the weight loss and unhappiness emerged  from.

How could she tell Lemar her gran was dead without her secret coming out, that she had left the house without him or he’s permission. She couldn’t remember how circumstances could have changed so severely, how she could be imprisoned in her own home. It was another ordinary night for Lemar. He came home from work, had he’s dinner, but could not tell he’s beloved wife was upset, he didn’t hear her grieving cries as she locked herself in the bathroom. He did however notice something else.


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