The Day of the Triffid by John Wydnam, Retold by Pauline Francis

The Day of the Triffids

By John Wydnam, Retold by Pauline Francis


I was recommended this book from a lady at my creative writing class, to help me with a story I started writing with the ‘end of the world’ theme. This is not the original version (I didn’t realise I picked up the wrong one), but I couldn’t help myself and read it anyway.


We are introduced to William Masen, a man who has just had an eye operation and is temporarily blind. As a result to he’s blindness he misses the biggest event on everyone’s lips, a great show in the sky. Once he’s vision returns, he realises that all those who saw this ‘show in the sky’ have been blinded, and he is one of the very few humans who has eye sight. The human race begins to decline as the triffids take over and destroy the human race following the catastrophe.


I wish I had read the original version first (from what I read of it on the Amazon preview it is seemed worth the few extra pages). This version was too quick, it felt like a heap of life had been taken from the initial story. Regarding the fact it was a fast track classic it did a good job in keeping short and sweet, and made a great summary of  the original. It was written like a children’s book, very basic in terms of writing style- I must say I did admire the illustrations though.

I did not feel a personal connection with the narrator, William, the protagonist. The message of survival and desperation was put across very well, the fast pace of the book matched the setting, as William had to continuously think fast. Throughout the book it was clear that William’s primary goal was to survive, and we are taken through situations and opinions which trigger thoughts on the morals involved if we were ever placed in a situation where surviving is primary. 

I would recommend this to anyone into sci-fi who would like a quick analysis of a classic. I will put up a review of John Wydnam’s version once I have read it.

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