That Path 3



‘What are these?’ He asked her, he’s voice deep, quiet, but the anger gave it volume. ‘ I asked a question, what have I told you about what you should do when I ask questions!’ The tone raised.

‘Pills’ Brandy spat out, already fearing for her life. ‘I haven’t been using them for long, I promise’

‘Why are you using them at all?’ He was getting louder, she could see he’s veins peeking from he’s neck, he’s eyes large with the look ‘kill’ all over them. ‘Were you trying to make me think I wasn’t a man? That’s what you had me thinking, oh Brandy you won,’ he laughed with sarcasm, ‘how can you think you could deprive me of children!’ he stopped, then chuckled, ‘You. You think you are powerful eh?’ He forcefully grabbed her hair, as he threw the contraception pills on the floor, then pushed her face in the dinner she had just cooked, before picking up the pan and throwing it across the kitchen. ‘The boys have been laughing at me, they all have at least one kid, I’m the one in a marriage and none. I thought it was me!’ He threw her to the floor. She screamed, found her feet and started running, In her mind she knew there was no escape, he was going to kill her that night and she knew it. He grabbed her foot, she landed on her front, pain leaped through her body as her body smacked down on the polished wooden floor. He kicked her, once, twice a third time, she curled into a ball, he lifted her up by her limp arm and held her towards him.

‘When was the last time you saw Marsha?’ He whispered vindictively. She couldn’t even think, confusion filled her face.

‘Mrs loudmouth told me your secret, I saw her a few days back. She was telling me about your granny’s funeral, which you said you was going to. How is that right? I don’t even know about it’ Brandy kept quiet, she was afraid breathing too loudly would set him off, then again he didn’t like silence when he was asked a question.

‘ I don’t know Lemar. I was just emptying the bins, I didn’t know she lived so close. I just told her what she wanted to know Lemar, please’ she cried, tears rolling down, he hated tears too. It showed weakness, but they were mostly tears for her grandmother that were falling.

‘Is that how you ended up at her house, taking about us. What did I tell you about talking about us!’  The rest of the night was a blur, she was in and out of pain, of thoughts, she didn’t know how to feel. Eventually He threw her into the kitchen, he came towards her, he was tearing her clothes off, pulling the material which covered her below. He started unbuckling he’s belt, fear overtook her, anger, frustration, this man had taken everything, he was not going to have he’s way this time. it was looking at her, shiney, pointy, large. As he was ready to attack, she stabbed him, as hard as she could, as much as she could, each time she saw a sign of life she continued, screaming squimishly as she felt the object break through he’s flesh. He stopped, he fell. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Blood everywhere, she screamed, then cried, cried so hard, then panicked, then Laughed. She could go to her grandmas funeral.

‘Sure come in’ were Marsha’s words when she stood outside her door. ‘Are you my sister?’ Were Kameron’s words, her 25 year old sister she didn’t recognise. They hugged as they grieved over their grandma.

‘ What has Lemar done to you?’ Were her mums words. She could see the bruises on her daughters face, she could feel how emotionally split she was. She knew her daughter did not mean to say ‘I never want  to see you again’ the last time they encountered. If only she knew her son in law was misusing he’s role.

‘Guilty’ were Brandy’s words in front of the judge. He’s body was found 17 weeks later, she was arrested 3 days after.


Brandy walks back to her cell. After signing the papers that allows her son to stay with her mum whilst she continues to serve her sentence. She didn’t realise she was pregnant until she was checked over, when she told the courts she was abused. The officers said they have a unit for mums to keep their babies with them. It was a bad idea. She had avoided parenting for ages, now the man was dead he still got what he wanted, an offspring, she recalls the point she had to temporarily switch between the implant and contraception pill, just before he found the pills. She continues to live under he’s shadow , thinking of the whole pregnancy as he’s dying wish. They say all babies looked the same, but her son, her precious boy was a vision of Lemar.

Apparently she was lucky. Battered woman’s syndrome is apparently what saved her. The bruises saved her; that night she was thrown down the stairs saved her; the nurse explained those marks were from an abuse, her testimony saved her. Marsha’s testimony saved her, her friend was not a murderer, she was defending herself. It could have been life. The judge decided on 3 years plus counselling. A new world awaited her when her time here was up, for now she wanted to rest.


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