Today There was a Car Crash

Intro: Based on the car crash in Bermondsey, Jamaica road today (six people were treated for minor injury-Thank God). The roads were closed, I was almost late for work, everyone complained and huffed and puffed, but seeing the vehicle made me realise  it could have been worse. It could always be worse. So here is my words from it (p.s I am not much of a poet, but here it goes)

Today there was a car crash



Today there was a car crash


Lisa missed her dentist appointment, she was stuck in traffic

The traffic caused by the collision

Tom missed his piano lesson

Kasha missed her spot to get front row tickets to see her favourite artist

She had been waiting three months for new dates to be released

This woman was her inspiration


It didn’t get better


Lucinda missed a meeting with a client

This meeting would have meant Lucinda would have had a 20% pay rise

This meeting would have increased her and her family’s standard of life

John missed his flight to L.A.

Angelina missed her train to see her daughter at university

This was the only three days she could get off

From a very demanding job


It gets worse


George missed his court trial

Custody for his daughter

Custody he has been seeking for almost eleven months

This one no-show meant the mother had another box to tick against him

Dana missed her first day of her new job

Well late by two hours

Immediate sack.

Kirsty missed the performance of her life

The one which determines if she will get into university

The performance which could build a bridge

Between poverty and life


I wish it got better for some people


Jasmine missed her first session of chemotherapy

It may be another week to schedule another appointment

Hopefully cancer can wait.

Patrick missed the birth of his son

First heir, first child, a one time experience

Felicity was late to pick up her daughter

After receiving a phone call saying she had collapsed in school

If only her legs could run the miles

If only


Everyone is affected in different ways


Joanne had the day off, no traffic

No panic, lucky she decided to stay home and relax

If only her husband had done the same

She learns he is in a coma

He was a pedestrian, before he was sandwiched between the cars

Frank lost he’s leg, he was saved, he was the one out of the four victims who still had he’s life

Yes it would change, things would be different

But he still had he’s life.

Toby arrived at school, good news; he is the winner of this year’s annual short story competition

He does not see himself as a winner watching he’s mum take her last breaths

Asking how she could drop him off in good health

Then be a victim of a crash within that same hour

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3 Comments on Today There was a Car Crash

  1. All very poignant and true, the ricochet of one event on so many. Enjoyed it. Grammar police? – you put a lot of ‘he’s’ in where it should be ‘his’.

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