Maybe I should just change this week to 1920’s week! Today’s era is the dazzling Jazz age, which was the period which came between the Harlem Renaissance and the Great Depression. The Jazz age signifies a time of change across the world. Mass production came into practice, urbanisation reached a climax with white collar jobs growing, and minorities were seen more equally to the rest of society (nonetheless prejudice and discrimination could still be made public). A massive change in fashion is seen, and the love for sports continued to grow, whilst the image of women were being reshaped.

Here is my mini story below:

 A woman’s Jazz

Eloise just wanted to be free. She no longer wanted to wear the shackles given with womanhood. A woman in a house behind the kitchen, a servant to the man, a bearer of children. No.

She had tasted the man’s life, working in a factory during the war, with other women like herself. She couldn’t believe the tiny pleasure which such miniature freedom could give. Yes she had a boss, and a schedule to follow, but to her it was a step into the future for her kind, females, who were finally seen as a valuable asset to the community.

Not long after jazz began to fill the streets, seeping through everyone’s souls, bringing out dance moves which would have once been considered forbidden. Once upon a time a woman mustn’t dance with a man like that, she should not be allowed to party so…vibrantly, with so much passion, oh that bearcat. It didn’t matter whilst jazz was here, Eloise could go out with her favourite girl, whip on her best dress, the one just below her knees, decorated with sequins and beads and tassles, swirling on the dance floor. Having a drink, alcoholic of course, was no longer shameful, it was cool when accompanied with a cigarette. Eloise thought to herself, from here on now women can only move up.

Story Mode by Piarvé Wetshi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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