Knowledge of History

Since this week was ‘pick an era’ week I thought to myself: how necessary is history?

History has come up as a general discussion topic amongst people I meet and different people react differently. I’ve come up with four types of historical talkers I have come across:

The Tradition Story teller

There are some people who are excited to teach their own history to others, they will tell me a story as if they were there, a sense of pride is felt, since they are able to share with me a piece of their culture and to some degree identity.

The History Teacher

Others will site facts, expressing their knowledge on historical events. These people sound too educational and often follow the ‘boring History teacher’ character.

The Nostalgic Narrator

Some people prefer to see history as some kind of fantasy, another thing that can be turned into a modern story. These days the concept of originality is played with and twisted around, and many people have resulted in going back in time to an era which they truly love in order to create something new. This could be through story writing, fashion and even lifestyle.

The I’m just not bothered

The people who always shock me are the type to say ‘Why bother talking about it, it happened already. We are living in the now?’

To some extent these people have a point, why dwell on something which has happened before your existence? At the same time history in a way moulds us, right?

Imagine if you decided to forget your ‘story’. All events from birth to your current age is a blur, or forgotten about, how much will that hinder where you are going? Could the knowledge of history apply the same concept?


“The past was worth remembering and knowing in its own right. It was not behind us, never truly behind us, but under us, holding us up, a foundation for all that was to come and everything that had ever been.”
― Laura LippmanIn a Strange City

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