Listening to Life

Week number three of the a-z challenge. I am still going. This weeks theme will be place which I get inspiration from.

I have always been that quite kid growing up, but I never let that be a disadvantage because guess how much I take in (the good, and sadly the bad and the ugly), and I find so much things and people I listen to have given me a foundation to my writing. I have listed a few great places to listen.

Public Eavedropping

Sometimes it can’t be helped to just hear what others are saying. They children in the park, the lady shouting on the phone or the man talking to he’s friend. It only takes one sentence or a word to trigger a creative imagination.


Every single day there is always a conversation to be had, often they are immediately dismissed once the party have…parted. Daily conversations can often bring up good points and new ideas from a different point of view


The media is everywhere. As a marketing student I have learnt we are exposed to so many medium, we automatically block information which would be considered useless. The media isn’t too bad for inspiration. If you listen to the radio or TV, a controversial topic can easily create a mental debate, and again it is someone else’s opinion to challenge.


Being busy is the norm and often we do not listen to ourselves. Sometimes my greatest ideas just come from me, my thoughts or my day and even my life. They do say that everything which someone has written always carries a piece of them in it. Plus it can be therapeutic venting unnecessary stress or thoughts onto art.


“You listen to people so that you can imagine them, and you hear all the terrible and wonderful things people do to themselves and to one another, but in the end the listening exposes you even more than it exposes the people you’re trying to listen to.”
― John GreenPaper Towns

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11 Comments on Listening to Life

  1. great post! i love listening to to life – wonderful fodder to embellish and inspire characters and stories! happy a to z-ing!

  2. love to listen to life…even when it does mean eavesdropping!

  3. Following from Blogging AtoZ.
    I’m writing “Things My Husband Has Broken” A to Z at
    Come by and check it out.

  4. I’m an A to Z minion/helper sauntering through the ‘net and checking blogs. I like the title ‘listening to life’. Keep on blogging!

  5. LOVE IT! I absolutely identified, I am a master people watcher and eavesdropper ! #AtoZchallenge ☮Peace ☮ ღ ONE ℒℴνℯ ღ ☼ Light ☼ visiting from

  6. Excellent quote! I believe it.
    I always say that writing fiction is like writing a tiny bit of an autobiography in each story. We can’t help but expose our souls each time we set words to paper.
    Good post!
    Enjoy the A to Z. 🙂

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