I spent the day on the set of a friend’s music video, and listening to her music brought all kinds of thoughts. Greyce’s music has a soulful, calm and relaxed aura, never failing to deliver a powerful message (here is a link to her YouTube channel, I’m sure you will agree). I always leave her gigs with a ‘I will do, I can do…’ attitude towards life, something which is missing in mainstream music. When I listen to her music I am instantly taken into a world, drifting in and out of stories (which are great for those writers block moments).

That makes the letter M for Music. Has anyone noticed there is something music does which nothing else can really do. It brings you to a different state of mind, it changes moods, it taps into memories, good and bad.


Have you ever broken down the lyrics of a song? Sometimes we blindly sing along and often miss the core message the artist is trying to say.



Classical music, Jazz, Big band, Dubstep, Dance, and there are many more genres which do not even use lyrics. Instrumentals can bring on mood, setting, places, and characters. When listening to a beat we automatically make a judgement on it, like a first impression.


Music creates a mental narrative, being one of the best sources for even a quick writing task.

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