Nature can be a great place to get influence from. Nature is connected to so much, mood, atmosphere and place/setting.



I always find it interesting how much the weather plays with our moods, in winter it’s all about destruction, unhappiness, loneliness, being caged in whilst summer is wild, noisy, and full of growth and laughter. If I can come up with those words by just thinking about it, what comes to mind with these words alone: misty airport; calm sea; windy ocean; warm autumn?




Some great animation films have used animals as a core focus, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and Happy Feet are three from the long list. I haven’t read a novel purely based on animals (only children’s books) however lots of ideas can come from just thinking of an animal’s appearance, habitat and behaviours.


Buildings and Landscape 

When I was a field sales representative (aka door-to-door sales person) I went to so many different neighbourhoods, varying from poor to rich, from green to concrete and some houses flooded me with stories. I began asking myself, ‘who lives there’, why would they pick this place?’, ‘has this been a curse or blessing for them’ and so on. The same could be said for landscape, when you walk past a graffiti filled area or the calmest part of the river, each tell something. Sadly I didn’t actually write any of my ideas down, but all buildings and simple landscape have stories embedded in them.


I could talk about nature all day, and you could even explore space and beyond and if you would like to touch on science we can look at matter and energy. Sometimes a story can come from something you just see.


“The poetry of the earth is never dead.”
― John Keats

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