Why Write?

My 10 reasons of why we should write


  1. To learn something
  2. To speak for those who are unspoken for
  3. To see how far your imagination can go
  4. To evaluate. Life, a book, experiences…anything
  5. Something to share. With family, with the community and even with the world
  6. Something to fill wasted time
  7. A means of communiation. When face-to-face or telephone is not enough
  8. A method of self-therapy. Another way to release unnecessary temporary emotions
  9. A way to surprise yourself. Have you ever read back something you wrote and thought ‘Wow, that was me!’
  10. A way to leave a legacy


Why do you write?

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The business brains of Fashion Plugin, with a background in events and marketing and a love for forward thinking fashion, street art and red velvet cake.

2 Comments on Why Write?

  1. It makes me feel happy 🙂

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