X-Ray Vision


The last three days of the A-Z Challenge have arrived! (Horay)

All I can think of is breaking through that red ribbon and being able to say I completed my first ever blog challenge (yep, how exciting). During the weekend I had an idea for the A-Z Challenge, since I learnt the phonetic alphabet this year, I could have written a series of short stories each day based on that. Maybe I can do that next year. Still nothing is lost; I’ve decided to make that the theme for the last three letters. A short story based on the phonetic alphabet.

Story: X-Ray Vision

She was going to ask him to be her date for her friend’s wedding. The third person who she was close to would be walking the aisle in less than a week. She was worried her turn was too far away, it seemed like all her friends had success with the right man. She had always known she wasn’t the prettiest of the bunch, her nose was not as pointy, and it did not compliment her wide and plump lips. She was lucky enough to be the type of girl who looked finer in photography, assisted by the image-editing software she purchased for £200. She looked good enough to marry, and that is what attracted her soon-to-be date, when they met six months ago on LoveIsHere.com a dating site.

She was nervous at first, especially since all her friends advised against it, what did they know? They were either married, engaged, courting or dating. Talking to a man for so long without ever seeing him was an alien concept to all of them, then again they wouldn’t understand desperation. If only she had a way to see through the computer, like x-ray vision, so that she could see him without him looking at her. Both of them had put off meeting each other, she was worried he would run a mile.

If she had x-ray vision, she would know that he was not this handsome faced, strong jaw-line man she had been talking to online. He was a stout middle aged man, approaching fifty, sixteen years her senior. She would know he lives in a cheap bed and breakfast, which he stays in a few weeks at a time before moving to a different B&B. She would see through he’s heart, he’s intention of meeting her one day, only for a few hours, maybe in a forest, or by a lake, somewhere quiet, outside the ladies comfort zone, so he could add her to the pile of missing women he had been tallying.

Story Mode by Piarvé Wetshi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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2 Comments on X-Ray Vision

  1. It’s been quite a ride with the challenge, hasn’t it? April’s completely flown by.

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