The autobiography of Malcolm X: Book Review

Who is Malcolm X and why does his name bring so much controversy? Were the question which led me to read his autobiography.



Title: The autobiography of Malcolm X Author: Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley Published: 1965


The book is a detailed account of Malcolm’s life. The book begins with his difficult childhood, through to the hood life as a young adult, and how his prison experience made him the adult public figure he is remembered as.


The book held hope for a lost generation. You watch a young black man’s mind-set develop as he makes mistakes, looks back, learns and moves on.  Malcolm acted as a teacher to many, but most importantly a figure of change. It is a book which must be read with an open mind as his beliefs are strong. Not everyone will agree with everything written, but Malcolm’s personality can be grasped, and as the reader I found a way to reason with the motives of his radical thoughts. His book is a great example in the way people in life can either raise an individual or tear them apart.

The book may refer to the early 20th century however scarily relates to many of today’s modern issues. It is an emotional book and as we look at Malcolm journey, how he changes from a ‘hoodlem’ to a wise man, it gives moments of reflection, particularly how far black people have come and gives appreciation to those who took the first steps to create this path of freedom many of us walk in. There are also parts which are educating. I would also say keep a dictionary with you (this man learnt the dictionary during his years in prison, so have one close by). Overall this book is defiantly one to read.

P.S. I also watched the movie (after the book),  and yep I’m going to be typical and say the book was better, there are elements which the book covers which the movie simply does not capture in the same depth.

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3 Comments on The autobiography of Malcolm X: Book Review

  1. There was a point in time in my life when i was totally obsessed with Malcolm X, safe to say i kinda still am. I haven’t had the honor of reading the biography but I’m guessing the movie was really close. he inspire me. He taught me that you could be whoever you set your mind to be. it didn’t matter where you grew up or which school you attended, as long as you motivated yourself. It pains me that a lot of people don’t really like him and call him a racist. Its not far from true but it doesn’t define him.
    I just hope Black America and the whole world don’t continue to see him as just a poster boy for civil rights or “an angry black man”. But as a master of his own fate and a critical thinker who refused to adhere to any limit in the world.
    Thank you for allowing me to hi-jack your post.

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