Y is for Yankee

Shani had moved to America to begin four years at university. Her father back home never failed to express the joy for he’s second daughter, since the first had bought so much shame on the family. As Shani boarded her flight to the land of opportunities, her mother could not control the years, deep down she knew she would be seeing the same daughter very soon, after all four years passes, as if it were just four blinks of the eye.

A new move always brings nerves, if it was not for her father’s pride she would have begged to stay, but she knew she had to go, she had to be the first of her family to earn that degree, to show their neighbours this family was not a failure.

‘You will come back like a English girl!’ Auntie Betti would smile
‘Don’t bring back no useless man. I want a fine fine American for my baby!’ Cousin Fumi would smile.
She had all these images in her mind of how American life would be. Everyone would look like either Beyoncé or Angelina Jolie; men and women would be stick skinny, even those who have had kids. The food would not be as good as the family cooks dishes, but at least it would all be served in large portions. Plus she could be part of the big American dream, her dad told her to live it.
Three years in nobody would have thought Shani would now be Shanice, apparently the name Shani sounded like something was missing. It was hard to believe, Shan-ice would have been so popular, partying like nothing else mattered, so she did a good job of drinking till her soul could not be heard. Her precious tight locks had been vigorously pressed into a straight shape, like turning the curls of fusilli into the floppiness of spaghetti. It matched her new complexion, a shade up from caramel; it is hard to believe she once resembled the contents of a milk chocolate bar. A cigarette became an occasional satisfaction, along with any American guy who looked better than the image she envisioned. Once the four years was up she had to come up with a good reason why she only lasted one and a half years completing a degree that was meant to change her family’s life, apparently.

Definition of Yankee: An American/ an inhabitant of New England or one of the northern states [Google Definition]


Story Mode by Piarvé Wetshi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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