Green Eggs and Ham: A Book Review

 Any book from Dr Seuss is associated with clever catchy rhythms and takes me back to childhood. This was bought with The Cat in the Hat (since WHSmiths were doing a discount). 


Title: Green Eggs and Ham Author: Dr Seuss Published:1960


Sam-I-am is trying to convince us all that green eggs and Ham are not as bad as they look.



The whole book is a battle of words, as Sam-I-Am continuously bugs his friend to try this recipe of green eggs and ham. I guess there is a reason they are green, would you eat them?

Dr Seuss uses repetition, tongue twisters and rhyme to make this book catchy, naturally capturing the readers and listeners as the book goes along. If this book is read as a bed time story you will find yourself repeating the words as if it were a song.

The could not, would not’s, will not’s, do not’s make reading this story fun to read (and I am currently reading this to a two year old who is glued), yet there are some serious messages behind the story, which as parents, we are constantly trying to tell our children (and sometimes still trying to do ourselves):

  • Try new things
  • Don’t mock it until you try it
  • Never judge a book by its cover
  • Do not pre-judge

And an additional lesson was ‘be persistent; do not give up’, because eventually they will like green eggs and ham.

The imagery is simple and are great references to the words on the pages.


Every child should be read this, and it is great to see a two year old pick up the book and read it herself (she knows the rhythm and some of the words, so she is not off topic).

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3 Comments on Green Eggs and Ham: A Book Review

  1. This is my two year old daughters favorite book, we read it almost every day and always when I make something new to eat! 🙂

  2. My first or second grade class had a green eggs and ham day at school where we ate them! Some of the kids wouldn’t try it still, despite the book’s message, but I was brave! I always loved Dr. Seuss growing up and now I look forward to introducing the books to my 1 year old niece in a few months!
    Michelle @ In Media Res

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