Book Review: Some Dogs Do by Jez Alborough

It is story time at a Sure Start Session and the book of the week is Some Dogs Do  by Jez Alborough. So I am sitting there encouraging my daughter to listen to the story (despite the room of excitedly restless toddlers), and I find myself drawn into the tale as much as the little minds the book is aimed at.


Title: Some Dogs Do Author: Jez Alborough Published: 2011


One day a dog called Sid sets off for school, and suddenly he flies. Yes flies…there is one problem, dogs do not fly, everyone in the neighbourhood say so; bringing up the question:

Do dogs fly?


I haven’t felt so touched by a children’s book in some time, and this story came along and did just that. When the story was over I thought to myself ‘I can do anything’, if my two year old was old enough I would have probably analysed the book with her ( out of excitement) and given her a whole speech about self-belief. I guess I will save it for next time.


The morals and lessons of this book:

a) Have you ever done something amazing, but nobody was there to watch? Then when you finally do it for the crowd it goes completely wrong? -The book explores that feeling (if only I could sum it up in a word)

b) It says it’s OK to be different, some of us believe we can fly, and a number of us do fly

c) Even if it feels like nobody is on your side (sadly there are children who feel this way), there will always be someone who has your back.


I would recommend this book for two to five year olds. A subtle but strong message is given and children can reflect on the story with the help of the bright illustrations. Plus you can have a debate about whether dogs really do fly.


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2 Comments on Book Review: Some Dogs Do by Jez Alborough

  1. This reminds me of the book “Wombats Can’t Fly”, which is about two young wombats who keep telling all the adults in their life that they’re going to go flying, only to be told again and again that wombats can’t fly, and to knock it off. In the end they build a flying machine and take off successfully, amazing everyone.

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