Terminology: Freestyle, Adjusted Pattern and Pattern Used

At times I do create my own sewing lingo, there are three words which I will be using when I post up finished garments. This post is just to clarify what I mean when I say weather a garment is:

  • Free-styled
  • Adjusted pattern
  • Pattern used


No official pattern has been used to create the garment. I have either used my own eyes/estimated; created my own pattern or have used other clothing or shapes as a template.

Adjusted Pattern

An official pattern has been used to create part of the pattern and I have free-styled the rest. A pattern may have been used for a small part of the garment, or may have just been adjusted.

Pattern Used

This means I have followed a pattern step by step in order to create the finished garment (with the intention to create the garment on the pattern). Although I may add a personal touch, the pattern will be recognisable.

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The business brains of Fashion Plugin, with a background in events and marketing and a love for forward thinking fashion, street art and red velvet cake.

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