Peppa’s Busy Day: Book Review

I bought the book back when my two year old was going through a Peppa Pig phase, and there was a selection of reduced children’s books at WHSmith’s.

Title: Peppa's Busy Day By Penguin Books

Title: Peppa’s Busy Day
By Penguin Books


We go through Peppa’s routine with her, from 7 am when she wakes up, to 8pm when she goes to bed. Peppa takes us through her busy hours of the day, as she wakes up, goes to playgroup, family time and bed. There is also a replica clock, and each page shows us how the time appears on the clock.



Probably my favourite Peppa Pig book, as it is not just an episode of Peppa Pig. It allows young minds to grasp the connection between time and activities, but it is also a good way to reflect on the child’s day and point out anything which they did which was similar to Peppa Pig’s.

Each page has:

  • Instructions on where to place the hands of the clock,
  • What time it is (e.g. 8 o’clock)
  • What activity is carried out (e.g. Bed time)
  • A mini comment (e.g. Peppa and George are now ready for bed…)
Inside the book

Inside the book

I found that my two year old understand the purpose of a clock better, and it also helps with learning numbers  as she can move the hands of the clock to the numbers (and she automatically adds the word o’clock when she’s happy with the positioning).

I’m aware many other children’s programs have their own versions of telling the time through reading, but for all the Peppa Pig fans out there, this is one to get.

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2 Comments on Peppa’s Busy Day: Book Review

  1. This will be a perfect present for my friend’s little girl – thank you!

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