Olivia Paints a Mural by Ian Falconer: Book Review

I found this book at a temporary book stall in Surrey Quays Shopping Center. Since me and my girl loved the theme tune so much, I thought I might as well buy it.


Olivia Paints a mural By Ian Falconer Published by Simon & Schuster Children’s



Olivia is inspired to create her own mural after being inspired by the artist Monsieur Degas.


First of all I want to say Olivia is a children’s TV program on Nick Jr.  (however I’ve only ever seen it start past ten o’clock, so we have only watched it about twice), it’s about a little girl pig called Olivia with great ambition, this is transferred through onto the book.


The book is calm and life like. It starts off with the family visiting a gallery, and throughout the book we watch the creative process Olivia goes through in order to create her final masterpiece, which is a simple piece which her and her family are proud of. The first person voice used to express Olivia’s point of view gives the book a personal touch.

As a child galleries can either be the best place on earth, or another boring adult culture trip (especially if it’s not with friends at school), and this book opens up culture to young children whilst exploring creativity and making painting seem fun, cool and very messy.

Overall I think this is a good read. If you find it in your library, then pick it up for a bed time story; if any of you are Olivia lovers then it’s great to have on the shelf (it is one of the top picks).

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