A New Feature

Hi People

It’s been a while and I have been a bad blogger by not being consistent with my posts (personal opinion). I am going to try something new.

I have two blogs, one primaryily on books, the other fouses on sewin g(two completely different hobbies), but I ant to bring them together. So how can I do that?

I’ve spent most of my time thinking of how to do this, and the word WORDS came up. You cannot get away from them, they are used in sewing for patterns and design briefs, and of course they are painted all over books and are the elements necessary for me to write.

OK, let me get ot the point.

So I will have a word a week, it could come from anything. Twitter, a conversation, a book, a catwalk show. I will write something short on that word (a story) which will be posted on my book blog and the aim is to make one garment based on that word.

So this week the word is GIRL.

I was just thinking of the process of growing up this week (yep, deep thoughts), so that is the word.

Here is the short story on this blog

And here is my outfit on my sewing blog

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The business brains of Fashion Plugin, with a background in events and marketing and a love for forward thinking fashion, street art and red velvet cake.

1 Comment on A New Feature

  1. Really creative way to combine the two things you love! I’m excited to see what you create based on the words you choose.

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