What do you want to be?

I hate that question! What do you want to be?


I thought I would have the response by now. I have completed compulsory education, graduated with a degree and have been in employment for over three years (I still haven’t landed the dream job, but still pushing for it) and I have a daughter. Surely on eof these life events should have given me an epiphany related to what I want to be.


As I child you are asked by curious adults ‘What do you want to be when you are older?’. When you become a student it becomes an ice breaker question for networking events and coming to contact with ‘industry experts’. Then you are finally ready for life, some people have a clear set path, but one thing I have found comes with being a creative persona is a mixture of paths which you want to take, or an end goal with a path not yet engraved, so it becomes your job to make it.


I’ve been going through Maya Angelou’s novels, and she has made me think of the different traits we hold and talents we invest in, and what can happen when you go along with those. If you type her name on Wiki she was an:

American author, poet, dancer, actress, and singer… She was an actor, writer, director, and producer of plays, movies, and public television programs… She was active in the Civil Rights movement

That doesn’t describe who she was and what she did, and there is still more on what she did. She lived 86, and accomplished more than just one thing. Most successful people wear many hats. They dip into multiple ventures, test different waters and invest in many ideas.


What do you want to be is such a narrow question. Do I have to define myself as only just one thing? I think a better question is what do you want to do?


See I want to have a clothing collection based on literature, write a dystopian novel and lead a creative campaign which voices the opinions of the underdogs. That doesn’t mean I want to be a fashion designer, an author or a political figure. Although… If I completed all those goals, and had them titles on my life CV, I wouldn’t be complaining.


What do you want to do?

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3 Comments on What do you want to be?

  1. I want to do what makes me happy, and whatever that happens to be right now, if I can do it, then how I make my living doesn’t matter so much. If I had a choice, in a perfect world I would write for a living, but seeing as the window for that kind of lifestyle is infinitesimally small and shrinking every day, I’ll be satisfied with having enough time to continue to write what I can.

  2. I really need this now. I am at that point in my education where I need to make critical decisions and I am torn between passion and society’s sensibilities. I agree with you, being a creative person is very difficult. There are so many paths you’d want to walk yet we are made to think you need just one.
    Maybe it’s true, maybe fate will decide.

    • Thabks for sharing.

      It’s always a difficult choice when it could change the direction of your life. Sometimes you might pick something academic which ‘pays the bills’ whilst indulging in your passions outside work hours, lately I have been meeting people who freelance(passion) and work part time(pay bills).

      Then again as you say, your passions might meet you half way when you least expect it.

      Too many paths in life. Good luck with whatever you choose =)

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