I Totes Don’t Dig Your Colloquialism

It’s clear that the way you talk can place you in a box. It can be what your future employer judges you on or the type of friendships you attract. One thing I notice about myself is I create the perfect description in my mind, but when I try to communicate it, the words I used does not always do me justice. Those who believe they are educated would label me a ditsy blond Barbie, despite the fact I completely made sense, just not in the conventional way.

My Little Experiment

Being the author of two blogs which attract complete different audiences has shown me two types of ‘communities’. Running a sewing blog attracts people interested in fashion, looking for quick tutorials and a new insight into the industry. Regular jargon includes OMG (Oh My Gosh), Defo (definitely) and beauts (beautiful). Whilst my readers on this blog love a mind stimulating debate and leave comments which are perfect in punctuation, grammar and spelling  (I do learn new things from my readers who comment, please do not stop commenting).

In my reality, I often do find myself stuck in the two worlds. I don’t use slang every day, but I love communicating with those who use made-up word to express themselves. I also like to be in a heated debate where the participants are throwing ‘educated’ word across each other to make their point.

So What Is My Point?

Communication is communication, and the words people use should not be used to shut them down if they are making a valid point.

One thing which I love about writing is mixing words and phases in unseen orders in order to create a strong vision, if that has to include a made up word then let that be. My creative writing teacher has always applauded me on breaking the rules of English in a way that works.

I’m not saying let’s talk gibberish, but lets be open about experimenting with language.


About Piarve (84 Articles)
The business brains of Fashion Plugin, with a background in events and marketing and a love for forward thinking fashion, street art and red velvet cake.

1 Comment on I Totes Don’t Dig Your Colloquialism

  1. I agree with you. Society is very judgmental and segmented. Like it is a taboo to be intelligent and use Internet lingo. I think the most important element in communication is meaning. As long as your message is understood despite the means you use, no shallow conclusion should be drawn.
    *sigh* this is next to impossible in a society that can’t stand anything “out of line”.

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