My name is Piarvé [Pee-R-Vay]. A name made up of a combination of her parents (french) names.

The word Modiste means a fashionable milliner or dressmaker. A dated word (I like to call it vintage), with a French origin (derived from the word mode meaning fashion).

I don’t need to define Sew but my favourite definition is: join, fasten, or repair (something) by making stitches with a needle and thread or a sewing machine (makes sense to me).

That’s the dictionary definitions out of the way, and here is what this blog is really about…

It started…

At the age of sixteen my mum bought me a sewing machine for Christmas (I didn’t ask or need one, but glad I got one), and from there my sewing journey commenced. I prefere to freestly my garments, but patterns are becoming my friends (taking the strain of pattern making). I mostly make dresses, skirts and children’s clothing (since I have a two year old who likes pretty dresses).

This blog is…

My virtual sewing world encouraging me to sew more, share more and learn more. I will share fashion (past, future, present); tips and tutorials; homemade garments…anything related to clothing which captures me.



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