My name is Piarvé [Pee-R-Vay]. A name made up of a combination of her parents (French) names.

The word Modiste means a fashionable milliner or dressmaker. A dated word (I like to call vintage), with a French origin (derived from the word mode meaning fashion). If I’m not reading or writing then I’m on my sewing machine with my mannequin surrounded by plenty of fabric

I don’t need to define Word but my favourite definition is: one’s account of the truth, especially when it differs from that of another person. I like words, reading them, writing them and playing around with them; it’s an underestimated tool of power.


That’s the dictionary definitions out of the way, and here is what this blog is really about…

Reading and writing make a world of their own, what is more fun than becoming lost in the words of your own (writing) and discovering more of someone else’s (reading).

I will have book reviews (based on my feelings and if it changed my perspective of anything); short s

I have a little girl who loves reading, pen and paper and twirling around in handmade garments (so there will be a child’s perspective in everything I do)


This blog contains book reviews, a few quick stories  and tonnes of my thoughts

Thanks for reading, feel free to subscribe, drop a comment and navigate!


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